International PR 2

Your essay should be a reflective piece of work which takes and expands on one of the topics on which you have submitted postings during the semester.  You should take a reflective stance in your essay, writing in the first person and seeking a deepened understanding of your topic through engagement with theory and evidence.  You should propose your essay topic in week 12 of teaching. 

Marking criteria

Marking criteria relate to the achievement of specific learning outcomes and some standard issues associated with academic writing. 


Evidence of a broad and integrated knowledge and understanding of international public relations

Demonstration of a critical understanding of the principal theories, principles, concepts, terminology and ethical issues relevant to the practice of international public relations

Evidence of ability to identify and critically analyse complex professional problems and issues associated with the practice of international public relations.

Development of a clear and structured work

Academic referencing and bibliography



Formative feedback to support you with your assessments is provided throughout the semester in response to your topic postings and questions asked.  

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