International PR 1

For this component you should select a country and produce a PR analysis for that country.  Your analysis should be aimed at supporting an organisation in the UK to conduct a public relations campaign in your selected country.  Your analysis should contain the following chapters:

Theoretical underpinnings.  In this section should present the framework which you will use to structure your analysis and provide a critical rationale for selecting this framework.  You might adopt an existing framework or structure your own.  It is important that you draw on theory to support your argument.

Your analysis.  This section should present your analysis and follow the framework you have outlined in the previous section.

Implications for practicing PR in the country you have selected.  In this section you should demonstrate what the results of your analysis mean for organisations undertaking PR in the country selected.

Your analyses should be underpinned by theory which you should reference in your report.  Be clear about how theory has informed your analysis in your submission. Links between theory and your analysis must be clear. 

Marking criteria

Marking criteria relate to the achievement of specific learning outcomes and some standard issues associated with academic writing. 


Evidence of a broad and integrated knowledge and understanding of international public relations

Demonstration of a critical understanding of the principal theories, principles, concepts, terminology and ethical issues relevant to the practice of international public relations

Demonstration of ability to analyse the contexts for public relations

Evidence of ability to identify and critically analyse complex professional problems and issues associated with the practice of international public relations.

Demonstration of ability to select appropriate international public relations approaches and discuss key issues relating to the planning and implementation of effective international public relations programmes. 


Academic referencing and bibliography

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