International Political Economy

You must review and critically discuss these three texts:

Šitera, D. (2015) ‘On New Travels in Space-time: Theoretical Discoveries after the Crisis in (Comparative) Capitalism(s). New Perspectives, 23:2, 77-91.

Bruff, I. and M. Ebenau (2017) ‘Comparative Capitalism’s Research: The Intellectual Openness and Political Possibilities Inherent to Critical, Global Perspectives on Capitalist Diversity’. New Perspectives, 25:1, 131-41.

Weber, H. (2007) ‘A Political Analysis of the Formal Comparative Method: Historicizing the Globalisation and Development Debate’. Globalizations, 4:4, 559-72.

The first is an article-length book review, while the second is a response to the review. The third is an article on the comparative method, which should be used to assess the claims and counter-claims made in the first two texts. Please note that not all of the Šitera and Weber articles are relevant for this assessment, because Šitera reviews another book as well and Weber partly focuses on literature’s outside the remit of this module.

– Ignore Westra in the Sitera text, his work is irrelevant in this module and can be completely skipped over.
– Minimal Intro/Conclusion.
– Integrated comparison approach better e.g. compare Sitera and Bruff/Ebenau, then compare them both to Weber, then the analysis.
– Aim of the assignment is to ground students in conceptual and theoretical ideas of the module/texts.
– Do not need to consider anymore sources than these three.
– Best to start with Sitera, his upbringing means its a creative text.
– Not all Sitera points are answered by Bruff/Ebenau, important points missed?
– Discuss and debate which elements of which articles fit my opinion.

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