Interactive case study: The policy memo

To complete this assignment follow the steps:Step 1: Reading and PreparationRead chapters 1- 4 and  chapter 7 of Pennock (2019)Read the policy memo documents posted on this week’s Activities and Resources page. You can find these documents in the Other Resources section of the page.Pick one of the policy memos listed in the Other Resources section of the Activities and Resources page.  I have listed 9 real-life police memos for you to review. However, feel free to find another policy memo if you like.Read the policy memo you picked.Step 2: Writing and Submitting Part 1 of the AssignmentThis part is the original post you are required to submit on Canvas. Start by stating which policy memo you have selected. Then use the following questions to evaluate the policy memo you have selected:Evaluate the Format and Style of the MemoIs the memo written in active or passive voice? Give an example.Does the memo use jargon and technical information? Give examples.Are the paragraphs cohesive and coherent? How so?Is the Memo formatted properly according to the guidelines we have learned this week from various documents? What if any, formatting component is it missing?Evaluate the Components and Structure of the MemoDoes the memo include a clear and concise introduction?Is the memo header properly formatted i.e. does it include all the components that need to be included in a memo (from:, to: date, subject, and so on)?Is the policy problem clearly stated? Where in the memo is the problem stated?Does it include policy recommendations? Give an example.Evaluate the Content of the MemoDo the authors offer supporting arguments for their recommendations? If so, give an example of how the argument supports a recommendation.Are opinions and facts clearly separated? Give examples.Is this memo convincing? If you were the one reading the memo and had the decision-making power, would this memo persuade you? Why?What else would you include in this memo if you were the writer?There is no word or length limit for this assignment. However, please answer ALL the main questions and the follow-up questions. Write clearly and concisely. All your answers should be informed and supported by Pennock (2019) and the other documents included in this week’s module.Political Science


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