Intellectual Property Law: Jane and Anita

Jane and Anita had a meeting with Reality Productions to pitch their idea for a new television show. At the meeting with Reality Productions’ management, Jane and Anita provided some documentation on their proposal and discussed it in depth. Their idea was for a music talent show in which contestants would be required to perform only material which they had written themselves. Their performances and material would be judged by a panel of industry experts and famous singer-songwriters. The prize for the eventual winner of the series would be a recording contract and £100,000.

After a further discussion, a period of two months elapsed without word from Reality Productions. Jane and Anita were dismayed by this but still had hopes that they would sign a contract with Reality Productions to develop the show. They were therefore surprised to see an advert on television announcing Reality Productions’ forthcoming talent show for singer-songwriters who would perform their own material and/or cover versions in front of famous music producers for the chance of winning £50,000 in cash and having their music available for download on Reality Productions’ website.

With reference to relevant authority, advise Jane and Anita on their potential claims in the law of copyright and confidence.

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