Intellectual Property Law

‘Domain names are an unjustifiable extension of trademarks, and have no place within the intellectual property regime.’

Critically discuss the accuracy of this statement.

The aim of the essay is to clearly demonstrate to the reader that you have achieved the learning outcomes for the module. Through the completion of this essay you must therefore meet the following learning outcomes (“LO’s” – listed below). You can use these LOs as a guide to check that you have completed the task and have included all relevant information.

You do not have to address each learning outcome separately; the majority of the learning outcomes will be addressed at a number of different points throughout the essay.

Learning Outcomes In completing this task you should demonstrate:
• A good understanding of UK intellectual property law in the area discussed i.e. trademarks or passing off;
• The ability to research intellectual property law effectively, and identify appropriate relevant legal materials;
• The ability to identify the legal issues arising from the protection of intellectual property rights in the area discussed;
• The ability to critically analyse contentious or problematic issues in specific areas of intellectual property law, namely trademark requirements, domain name protection, and passing off. 

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