Integrating Business Perspectives Essay

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Assessment 1

you will be expected to complete a 1500 word essay on one of the following topic.

Topic: A sustainable business model is one where a business enters into collaborative partnerships with government regulators. Discuss using a business example(s) of your choice.

References: All essays should contain a minimum of 10 references (these must include the starter reference). Chosen references will demonstrate your engagement with key academic concepts whilst also showing he ability to source reputable industry based information relating to your chosen case study (examples). References should follow Harvard reference style.

Starter reference: Stubbs, W., & Cocklin, C. (2008). Conceptualizing a “sustainability business model”. Organization & Environment, 21(2), 103-127.

Note: This reference is available as a pdf in the assessment 1 folder

Length: 1500 words

we have provided links to library tutorials that will provide you with assistance in regards to basic referencing.

Starter reference:

Organization & Environment

Conceptualizing a “Sustainability Business Model”

Wendy Stubbs and Chris Cocklin

Organization Environment 2008; 21; 103

DOI: 10.1177/1086026608318042

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