Innovation in Recovery and Social Inclusion Theory and Practice.

Compare and contrast two different approaches to recovery and social inclusion highlighting the implications of the approaches for innovative practice development.

(Maximum 4000 words) 

Based on evidence and the previous appraisal of the wider literature the student will develop an analytical comparison contrasting two approaches to recovery and social inclusion. The student will highlight particular strengths and weaknesses and reflect upon the implications of these features upon innovative practice development (4000 words). 

1. Identification and rationale for the selected approaches. An evaluation of the evidence base for recovery. 
2. Critically discuss and contrast two key approaches for recovery and social inclusion in detail
3. Reflect upon the implications of the selected approaches on innovative practice development.
References should be in line with School Referencing Guidelines: Spelling and grammar should be checked and assignments proof read carefully

The essay should include an international perspective as evidenced by some useful articles uploaded. The client recommends the following articles, Mike Slade (Professor of Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion).

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