information technology

The Database Project Charter/Business Case should be uploaded into the Database Project – Part 1 – Database Project Charter/Business Case Assignment area by the end of Week 3 (Sunday).  
Your Database Project Charter/Business Case) should cover the following information about your proposed database:

Business Problem – what problem/issue are you trying to solve with your proposed database
Project Scope – is this a web database or installed locally on a local area network, how many potential users, how complex will it be when completed?
Project Business Objectives – what are the goals and objectives of the system (increased sales, more efficient staff, etc.)
Constraints – Time, money, staff resources, equipment
Description of Solution – How would you explain it to your friends?
Project Description – a more formal business communications – an executive summary
Business Process Impact – what impact will it have on the business/organization?
Technical Feasibility – do you need to purchase new equipment/servers?
Resource Estimate  – how much, how many people, how much time?

This assignment is to be composed in APA Format using Microsoft Word.  The title of the file you upload should be surnameFeasibility Study where surname = your surname.

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