Information Systems homework help

Part 1
2 responses to attached replies 100 words each.
part 2
Should at least be 300 words and contain  two APA formatted references
1. What is deep learning? What can deep learning do that
traditional machine-learning methods cannot?
2. List and briefly explain different learning paradigms/
methods in AI.
3. What is representation learning, and how does it relate
to machine learning and deep learning?
4. List and briefly describe the most commonly used ANN
activation functions.
5. What is MLP, and how does it work? Explain the function
of summation and activation weights in MLP-type ANN.
1. Go to the Teradata University Network Web site
( Search for teaching
and learning materials (e.g., articles, application
cases, white papers, videos, exercises) on deep learning,
cognitive computing, and IBM Watson. Read the
material you have found. If needed, also conduct a
search on the Web to enhance your findings. Write a
report on your findings.
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