Information Systems homework help

1.  __ is defined as expressing the specific aspect of understanding attempted to be portrayed to the viewer of a data representation.
2. The _______ is the user action, such as a click or a mouse
3. The _______ is the operation that is performed after selecting a category
4. The _______ is the feature to which the event action is applied, such as a dropdown menu.
5. Which of the following is an influencing factors for annotation options:
6. _______ is the true color and considered a qualitative color attribute.
7. _______ defines the purity or colorfulness of a hue
8. _______ defines the contrast of a single hue from dark to light.
9. ______ concerns the astute use of color attributes to represent data values.
10. The ability for users to interrogate and control a visualization is called accessible design.
11. Annotation concerns judging the level of assistance an audience may require in order to understand the background, function, and purpose of a project.
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