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Locate a specific mobile app that currently exists which would significantly benefit your organization (or you personally) and explain why. Include a link to that app.
Q2: Describe your vision of Web 3.0 and relate it to Web 2.0.
Among other things, this video talks about unintended consequences of technology including social media. What does it say about social media ? Can we do anything about addressing these unintended consequences? And what is your answer to his final question: How human are you?
Q4: Choose one of the “Next Big Thing” videos that is most relevant and/or impressive to you. Give a short synopsis of it, explain why you chose it and provide a link to the video.
Many experts has provided their predictions about the future of technology. For example, Gartner has its hype cycle predictions. But some say we need to control our future and not just let it happen.
Review this video and consider these questions: Why is it important to fight for our future? Is it possible to control our future? If so, how?

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