information system,Assignment 1:

Assignment 1:

In order to complete this assignment you must download and read two case studies: 

Austin, R. D., Nolan, R. L., & Cotteleer, M. J. (2002). Cisco Systems, Inc: Implementing ERP. Boston: Harvard Business School.

Denend, L., Mendelson, H., & Zenios, S. (2010). Electronic Medical Records System Implementation at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Stanford: Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Question 1:

(A) What are the challenges for an IT manager if each functional area in the company is supported by dedicated package? Discuss these challenges from the perspective of IT governance and IT outsourcing. (B) Why did CISCO choose ERP and KPMG as their partner to implement ERP? What are the critical success factors for ensuring successful IT outsourcing project, discuss.

Question 2:

From an information management perspective, how does the implementation of an electronic medical records system: (1) change administrative purposes; and (2) affect the quality of patient care? How are these impacts related to organisational factors (culture, structure, leadership) of the hospital environment, and alignment with the workflow?

Assignment 2:

A learning diary is a tool of reflection. It is intended to help you assess what you have learned on the module’s seminar sessions and on the sessions lead by the industry guest speaker. 

Since the aim of a learning diary is to articulate your subjective view (your analysis, insights and reflections on what you have learnt), you are required to speak with your own voice. Drawing on the seminars and on the sessions with the industry guest speaker, your diary should address the following questions: 

What did I learn? What was new and interesting to me and why? Did I change my mind about a specific topic? What themes are important to me and why?

What theoretical/ practical knowledge will I be able to apply to the analysis of the case studies in Assignment 1?

Placing myself in the role of IS manager, how can the content of the sessions help me perform that role?

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