Information Summary

This module is assessed via a 2,000-word essay and a piece of political journalism each worth 50 per cent of the module mark.

 The essay should address one of the following: 

Critically evaluate the significance of media convergence for approaches to, and expectations of, political journalism.

  • Assess the impact of the lobby system in political journalism.
  • Assess the impact of social media in election campaigns.

Analyse the role of the spin doctor in political journalism.


A piece of political journalism. 


This is to include original research and an interview with a politician or political activist. The story could come from a variety of sources – community campaign, election coverage, council meeting,  reaction from MPs/councillors/ Freedom of Information. This can be presented in a variety of formats; television, radio, blog, magazine or newspaper article. Print should be 450 words, radio 3 mins, TV 2 mins. You also need to submit a 500-word rationale.


Students are expected to engage fully with a wide range of political journalism including print, online, radio and television.


Recommended reading includes:

Barnett, S and Gaber, I, (2001) Westminster Tales: The 21st Century Crisis in British Political Journalism. Continuum

Brooke, H (2010) The Silent State  London:Heinemann

Curran, J & Seaton, J (2009) Power Without Responsibility, Oxon: Routledge

Franklin, B (1994), Packaging Politics, Edward Arnold

Gunn, S (2011) So You Want to be a Political Journalist?, London: Biteback Publishing

Jones B, & Norton P (2013) Politics UK, London: Pearson Education

Kuhn, R & Neveu (2013) Political Journalism: New Challenges, New Practices, Oxon: Routledge/ECPR

Marr, Andrew (2004) My Trade: a Short History of British Journalism, London: Macmillan.

McNair, B (2007) An Introduction to Political Communication (4th ed) Oxon: Routledge


Snow, Jon (2005) Shooting History: a Personal Journey, London: Harper Perennial.


Assessment criteria for module:

  1. Understanding of political journalism in regional, national and international contexts
  2. Critical analysis of political processes
  3. Ability to engage the reader and present an argument
  4. Evidence of engagement with wider reading


  1. Interview skills
  2. Newsworthiness
  3. Writing style

Originality, editorial judgement and presentation

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