Indian Defense industry

Word limit – 4000 words.


Topic – Indian Defense industry / Indigenisation: a catalyst in efficient joint logistics.


Existing state – is a review needed.

Role and Importance of Indian Defence industry in joint logistics.

Role and Importance of indigenisation in joint logistics.

How will development of Indian industrial base enhance efficiency of joint logistics?

Area of convergence between industry and joint logistics.


*     Note – Joint Logistics in the paper implies to Joint Logistics for Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Airforce)


**  Note– The above mentioned essay is one of the topic of the main essay (mentioned at Para 3). The details of main essay topic and sub-topic are provided below (in red), so as to avoid duplication and repetition of work/ efforts. The essay is required to be written on one of the sub-topic of the main essay.


**Note– Kindly focus on the defence related industry and indigenisation processes, as the sub-essay mentioned at Para 3(b)(ii) covers the commercial aspects.



**** Note – In case if you wish to amend sub-topics as mentioned at Para 2, you may but pls let me know prior to that.

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