Human Rights & International Relations: Political Science


1. Do you think that freedom of expression should ever be limited? Discuss in relation to wars and other emergencies. This essay should be (3,500)

2. How important an actor is the EU in world politics? (3500) words


      In answering both essay questions please use at least a minimum of 10 books each essay, use less websites please.


·        Total references on each essay should not be less than 14 references each.


·        The reference style is Harvard reference style please.


In regards to the first question (Do you think that freedom of expression should ever be limited? Discuss in relation to wars and other emergencies) Please feel free to use some of these references below.


Sources for Freedom of expression question only:


Bairett Jr., R.L. (2015) Executive Power and Media Freedom in Central and Eastern Europe. Comparative Political Studies 48(10) pp.1260-1292.

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Media in war/ hybrid warfare

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Ukraine/Russia propaganda

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