Human Resources class ANSWER ALL 3 Questions In APA Format Human Resources Class 250-300 words each

I need all three questions listed below answered separately in APA format 
250-300 words each question with one reference for each question. Quality Work, detailed correct grammar. Address everything for each separate question. 

Need by 11/29 9pm EST

Question 1 – 
An ex- teacher near Cincinnati filed a discrimination lawsuit against her former employer-school district claiming that her disability – the fear of young children – is covered by the ADA. She had several other claims for discrimination based on other factors besides disability. Research the web (her name is Waltherr-Willard) to learn of the details of her situation and lawsuit, which was recently decided. Do you think she had a legitimate claim under the ADA, why or why not? What kind of proof do you think would be needed for someone in her position to convince the court of the legitmacy of that claim? Which other claim(s) do you think was her best chance to win…if any? Discuss.

Question 2
 Many employers had to lay off employees in order to remain profitable, or at least remain in business, during the Great Recession. Although things have gotten better, layoffs continue today for a variety of reasons. How might a work force reduction create age discrimination claims? What can an employer do to protect itself from these types of claims?

Question 3
 Listen to a NPR recording on the Americans with Disabilities Act (Copy link) . 
First, share your interpretation and thoughts on the recording. Discuss whether you feel the term “qualified individual with a disability” can be too broadly interpreted in some workplace settings. From a HR perspective, how might you address a situation where an employee approaches you looking for an accommodation?

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