Human Resource Management in Global Economy

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Assessment a 2,500 word piece of assessment that contains a summary of the critical theories and concepts.
The concepts covered include understanding organisational HRM through

(1) diversity management,

(2) culture,

(3) International performance management and

(4) training and development.
The assessment will be submitted in essay format and headings and sub-headings are required. The essay must follow the structure as outlined in file attached and cover all elements.
The essay must be written in third person and supported with a minimum of 15 contemporary (BEYOND 2006) REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLES – DO NOT CITE THE INTERNET.
Check journal articles on:
(You will see a black and white striped jersey next to refereed journal articles)
Recommended Journals: Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Review Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources Asia Pacific Journal of Management Human Resource Management International Journal of Human Resource Management Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Management Journal of World Business
Please follow this criteria
 Introduction (10%)
Excellent outline of purpose, scope and limitations; The case study and context explained at an
advanced level. Excellent understanding of the organisation. Outstanding organisation/order of each section of the report.
 Organisational HRM, Diversity Management and Culture (20%)
Report outlines the organisational context to an excellent level; HRM, Diversity Management and Culture evaluated to a very high standard. High level of interpretative and analytical ability to critically analyse literature.
 International Performance Management, Training and Development (40%)
Demonstrates outstanding ability to evaluate international performance management and training and development. High level of interpretative and analytical ability to critically analyse literature.
 Conclusion and Recommendation/s/ Solution/s (10%)
An insightful and comprehensive summary of the report; Outstanding capacity to make recommendations for effective HRM, Culture, Performance Management, Training and Development; Excellent appendices.
 Research and Referencing (10%)
Evidence of extensive reading and research; Relevant literature used critically and analytically, presenting a balance of perspectives Excellent application of referencing throughout the document and the reference List.
 Essay Format, Clarity, Presentation and Proof-reading (10%)
Outstanding presentation thoroughly consistent with high standards in writing academic style; Excellent headings that highlight the case study; High facility with academic genre, generic structure relevant to topic; Comprehensively accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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