Human Resource Management homework help


Find 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles from 2010 to 2019  and write Bibliography 300-400 words on Human Resource Management

Focus on following things
human resource management and the certifications that can be achieved in this profession.
Explain the professional and personal skills needed to be successful in HRM.
Be able to define the steps in HRM strategic planning.
steps in the development of an HRM plan.
aspects needed to create a usable and successful HRM plan.
Bibliography Example
name,. (2017). From Family To Franchising: Five Ways To Start Your Business
Empire. Forbes.
According to this article there are more than half a million new businesses started across the
country every single month (name, 2015). There are many ways to become a business owner in
the world today and there are many risks involved with each of those avenues as well. When
starting a business from scratch the most important aspect is having a product that people actually
want. According to this article, nine out of ten startup companies fail and 42% of polled startup
owners claimed their business failed due to lack of need for his or her product (name, 2017). A
business can also be acquired by inheritance or taking over of a family business. name (2017)
also found, only about 10% of family owned businesses will survive long enough to see the third
generation take over. The reasons for this are the perception by younger generations that the
family business will always be available as a backup option if other ventures don’t work out.
Buying an existing business is also an option for those who have a keen insight for opportunity.
Becoming a franchise owner is another way to become a business owner. This step also takes
determination and focus but can be very rewarding. There is a stability that comes with taking
over a location that has an established corporate presence already backing it up with corporate
sponsors that are ready and willing to help get you started on the right track.

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