How does psychoanalytic theory apply to The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath?

The focus of the paper will be based on the following— How does psychoanalytic theory apply to The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath? Any aspect of psychoanalysis may be used—included multiple aspects as applied to various parts of the novel. For example, which character represents the id & how? Which character reflects the ego & in what ways? Who exemplifies the superego & what specific examples from the book showcase this? Another suggestion might be how various characters (or even just one person) use different defense mechanisms. Another one still could be to show how the various stages of development in psychoanalysis are seen in different people at various stages of the text. You will choose the focus and the paper produced will offer insight on making sense of that particular subject. The final paper produced must be between 8 to 10 pages (2000 to 2500 words), APA style format (there is a template posted to Blackboard), & adhere to all manner of citations and writing per the APA guide on such. The number of sources used to write the paper must be between 6 to 10, and at least two sources must be from a reputable publication within the field of psychology. The Bell Jar, the novel itself—not Sparknotes, not Shmoop, not a blog, not any other summary site—should be one of those sources used in the paper and listed on the Bibliography page. Preferred language style US English


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