How does Policy Promote the Standard of Teaching Assistants?

Please choose one policy from the policies listed below to analyse the topic: 

• The English Baccalaureate: A return to the Classical Liberal Education?
• A consideration of the rationale for vocational education that Michael Gove presents to the Edge Foundation 2010
• A Consideration of the way that targets are used to frame educational policy: a case study based on the Moser report (1999).
• A consideration of the ways that the ‘problems’ of disadvantage and low educational attainment are constructed in ‘Breaking the link between disadvantage and low attainment. Everyone’s business’ (Dcsf 2009) 
• An Analysis of the ways that the problems of education are constructed by New Labour: A case study based on Every Child matters (2003).
• A critical analysis of the way that the discourses of New Labour’s third way inform ‘The Schools White paper ‘Higher Standards for All’ January 2006.
• Identifying the ideologies that underpin Coalition Government Educational Policy.
• Analysing how notions of decentralisation of power are described in Michael Gove’s speech to teachers and Headteachers at the NCTL (2013).
• Subjecting the call for a return to Grammar Schools in Teresa May’s speech (9 September 2016) to examination.
• ‘Problematizing notions of Social Justice in recent English education policy: A case of ‘hollowing out’?
• Examining the Limitations of constructing ‘Social Mobility’ as a form of Human capital in Conservative Educational Policy Messages (2015-present time).

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