Homeland Security and Emergency Management Final

1: Name 3 government agencies involved with HSEM at the state level.2: Name 3 government agencies involved with HSEM at the local level.3: Name 3 government agencies involved with HSEM at the federal level.4: __________________________________ describes the comprehensive approach to all manmade/natural threats, based on progressive process of risk assessment/vulnerability awareness.5: Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of _____________ and _______________________ by lessening the impact of disasters.6: What 4 countries are currently listed as State Sponsors of Terrorism?7: What are the three types of borders?8: Name the two most significant disasters in the history of HSEM (Both occurred during the George W. Bush administration): ________________ & _____________________9: What are the 4 C’s?10: What are the last two hurricanes to force SSU students to evacuate?Section II: 30 Points1: Explain the 4 phases of EM:list, describe, give an example of each, and tell when each occurs2: Emergency response is a product of preparedness. Explain. Give an example of failure to prepare. Give an example of successful preparedness.3: Explain the significance of the Posse Comitatus Act. Discuss specifically how the military can be used during response of a hurricane.Section III: 40 PointsWrite a 5-7 paragraph essayexplaining the importance of the 4 C’s (coordination, collaboration, cooperation, and communication)  in preparing, responding, and recovering in the event of a disaster. Discuss specific partnerships that will be formed. Use vocabulary and examples.* Please use attachment for outline and original questions format. Fill in the answers on attached document.Political Science


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