Hollywood Movie Musical (“The Chorus Line: The Movie”)

This paper needs to be based on the film musical that I chose (A Chorus Line: The Movie) Not the musical play based on the novel, not a film without music based on a novel, an actual movie musical…. I chose The Chorus line movie (1985) starring Michael Douglas.

This should be a 5-7-page paper (approximately 1400-2000 words) that addresses the following highlighted in red:

Please use A Chorus Line: The Movie (1985) as the focal point of the paper

Most backstage musicals feature a character playing the role of “Director” of the show within-the-film. In your essay, compare and contrast the way in which three films represent this character. What kind of control does the director ultimately have over the play or film being produced? How is creative “power” represented in both narrative and stylistic terms? Is the well-being of the director directly related to the well-being of the show? What must the director “sacrifice” (if anything) in order to successfully make the show a success? There are other backstage musicals that feature directors; if you would like to include one of them in your essay, contact me for approval.

This essay must be written in college-level English, thoroughly proofread and edited, and with citations in MLA format. The paper must be double-spaced with standard margins and a standard 12-point font, and submitted as a doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf format.

Here are some common errors to watch out for. If you make them, you will be graded down. These are simple errors, but they are unacceptable.


All movie, play, or book titles must be italicized. All song titles must be in quotes. Please review the rules for use of capital letters in film and song titles. All actors and other historical figures must have their names spelled correctly. All periodicals (magazines, publications, journals, newspapers) must be underlined. Apostrophes must be used properly. All citations must conform to MLA regulations. If you are using online sources such as websites, blogs, etc., please refer to the specific MLA guidelines for proper citation. Remember to cite SPECIFIC DETAILS from the films and readings: your essay should include numerous references to specific scenes, lines, characters, production numbers, and other formal elements from the films you are focusing on. (Note: this does not mean a detailed “synopsis” of the film. Each detail presented should be relevant to a critical/analytical point that you would like to make). 

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