History homework help

Hi. i need  a web page presentation of subject history regarding the topic “Role of Nellie McClung in the famous Five and women suffrage movement” which could be covered within 5-7 minutes. it should include information from academic sources only that i have attached below. i have also attached assignment requirements and my outline in which there is overview of the presentation. there should be references in the last slide in CMS style. All the text should be quoted and cited. there should be no external sources used. I need a turnit as my professor is so particular about plagiarism. I need this assignment done by 3P.M. on Tuesday 1 December, 2020. i have added three academic sources which are necessay to be used. 1. canadian identity file. 2. the victory file 3. content server file. all other are lecture notes from which you could take help but they also need to be cited and referenced.

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