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COVER page will include project NAME, your NAME, COURSE NAME& NUMBER, due DATE and is to be word processed.




PAGE 1 is to be word processed, and include:


    1.  Project name and description of project.

    2.  Proposed budget, including transportation and delivery costs, labor costs to purchase materials and complete the project.

    3.  Scheduled start and finish date, including person hours to complete the project.

    4.  Material description, such as type of wood or shingles or fabric, thickness of concrete or floor covering.

    5.  A draft/outline is to be sent to me via MCC e-mail for my review/comment.  You will receive a separate e-mail from me stating due dates.


PAGE 2 is a table using word processing or spreadsheet software and include project component data:


    1.  Columns for proposed QUANTITY, unit PRICE estimate, TOTAL individual component cost.

    2.  Rows for each component NAME, including transportation & delivery components.

    3.  Last row/column will include grand TOTAL estimated cost of project.

    4.  Following the table will be a statement explaining the % over or under the estimated cost vs the actual cost.


PAGE 3 is a DRAWING or other facsimile of the project, which will include DIMENSIONS on a sketch or photo or media picture.



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