Heathrow Airport Limited

Company/organisation/industry – Heathrow Airport Limited(HAL) – How the Heathrow Airport intend to go about their business – The role of the leaders and the contribution to its success.

This module has one assessment which is broken down into three distinct tasks. These are listed below. Students must consider all the learning outcomes and meet all the assessment criteria for this module in order to achieve a pass grade. 

A 2250 word individual report on a chosen case study. Students would be expected to:
– Critically discuss the contribution of the human resource function to the development of a stable workforce
– Evaluate human resource requirements consistent with organisational needs and legal requirements of companies and organisations.
– Identify human resource policies within a relevant THA organisation.
– Critically analyse the organisational culture of the organisation.

Please address: 
– Organisation Culture for project structure.
– Evaluating the culture in the company. 
– What the recruitment system is like.
– Company policy,regulation and procedures.
– How human resources contribute to the success of HAL
– Aims objectives mission vision and how they adhere to them
– Equal opportunities.
– Level of control
– Micro management
– Service management
– Role of culture
– Power culture
– Power distance
– National culture
– Masculinity/ Femininity
– Person culture
– Individualism culture

Please include graphics, tables and diagrams (referenced). 

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