Health & Social Care;Summative assessment

Summative assessment

Students on this module are required to answer a focused question related to a healthcare topic through a mini-systematic review.

Structured assignment guidelines are issued (available on KEATS) and are summarised below:

1. Clearly identify the problem and the question;
2. Briefly discuss the search undertaken to locate relevant literature;
3. Discuss the nature of the literature, including its breadth and depth;
4. Choose two papers, which should be critiqued and data regarding clinical and statistical
significance synthesised;
5. These should then be interpreted in light of the overall literature;
6. From this, clinical and research recommendations should be made.

The word limit is 2,000 words.

Does splinting of Torus/buckle fractures deliver better outcomes compared to plaster casting in paediatric patients? – the purpose is to synthesis 2 studies, the studies should be similar and asking same question. a medline search is essential plus a few others and should be included in the appendix, The essay is s systematic review therefore in the introduction no need to describe what a systematic review is

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