Health, Safety and the Environment

a) Descriptive List of the identified hazards for the development in a risk register. An example risk register is attached. (5 marks)

1. Pylons
2. Contaminants
3. Pillar and stall
4. Access & egress
5. School nearby

Put these in a table and advise why they are the most hazardous with a brief description before the table.

b) Prepare a management plan for the development that illustrates and describes how these hazards can be mitigated. (20 marks)

• Illustrations to be added for each item- pick 4 & 5 main hazards

6. Pylons
7. Contaminants
8. Pillar and stall
9. Access & egress
10. School nearby

Describe separately how the above main hazards will be mitigated. 

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