HA560 Community Health Assessment

Unit 2 – Self-Health Quiz and Video Summary
Part 1: Self Health Quiz
Go to the attached web link below titled “Living to 100,” and click on Take the Calculator. To use the calculator, answer all of the questions presented. Once it briefly questions your demographics, several of the questions that follow are about health-related behaviors. Upon completion, you will be asked to create an account so you can access the results later on. You will then get your calculated life expectancy age and specific feedback based on how many years you can add to your life by changing some of your behaviors. Finally, you will receive helpful tips pertaining to each of your answers.

Living to 100 

Part 2: Video Summary
Once you have completed this task, create a 2-3 minute YouTube video summarizing your results. In this video describe the ways you can change your behaviors, and explain how you can apply this knowledge to better your community. Use at least two scholarly sources to support your assertions and opinions. 

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