group project

You have just been part of a merger. You have each been chosen to head up your department and merge the two groups into a self-directed work team. Work with each other to lay out a plan describing how you will develop a new team within your department or departments. It is natural that there will be some confrontations between people. Look at the stages of team development and use that knowledge to work with the team. It is recognized that some employees will refuse to be part of the team. In fact, the new ownership expects that there will be some who lose their jobs because of these issues; however, that is a last resort. Use all your skills to negotiate with employees in an attempt to resolve conflicts and pull your team together.


Ok from what I can gather we have been part of a merger and have to create a team that will function well in that merger.  We are merging two teams into one. 
group member 1- Please take the higher road, go through how the work team is valuable to the merger and specifically how we will grow as a company with the expertise of both sides, ie dicuss a merger that has worked and how we can work form this example. 
ME  go through how the work team will bring down morale, discuss a merger that has not worked and how morale can potentially be a threat to the companies growth. 
group member 2 – can you take  a look at corporate responsibility and how that will play into merging the teams and making them stronger. 
group member 3 explain the responsibility of teams within megers, explain the task and conclude. 
In 3 or 4 paragraph do the part in bold letters and underline 

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