group analysis of a project leadership challange

Assessment Task 3 – Group Analysis Presentation – A Comprehensive Description
Excerpt from Email Khaksar/Lo dated Thu 0 Sept 2017, 0149 AEST
Please note that there is no any oral presentation for this assessment during workshops. So, please disregard my previous message.
Where to submit assignments (Assessment 3): Assessment 3 – Group Analysis – Submit Here
Structure of the presentations (Narrated PowerPoint Slides (in the form of a video-recording) + scripts):
1. Narrated PowerPoint Slides:
▪ The entire video presentation must last maximum 20-25 minutes (for groups of 4 members) and 15-20 (for groups of 2-3 members).
▪ Each student must present his/her part for 5 minutes (Not necessarily in succession).
▪ Each slide must last 20 seconds. Therefore, each student must present his/her presentation using approximately 16 slides (see Transitions —> Timing in the PowerPoint menu).
▪ All members of a give group are required to present their own part themselves. Otherwise the missing member would receive zero.
▪ The audio length and slide duration must be precisely matched.
2. Scripts:
▪ The script must include between 700 – 1250 words per student presentation.
▪ The script must have a cover sheet including subject title, student name, student id, student contribution – the part you are responsible for.
▪ The script must include the important points of the presentations.
▪ Students are required to integrate their own pieces and add them into a MS Word document. However, they need to type their names and student Id on top of their own piece to specify which piece belongs to who. [ALo to clarify]
▪ Provide 2-4 references including valid websites, journal articles and/or book chapters.
▪ For the website, please refer to the company’s website in your chosen topic.
▪ Reference List: list resources in alphabetical order using the APA 6 Referencing Style. More information at:
3. General points:
▪ Only one student in each group must submit assessment task 3 On LMS.
▪ Each submission must consist of both the narrated PowerPoint and its script.
▪ When you complete your slides and add your voices, then save the file as a video with either of these formats: .mp4 or .wmv (note that you must ensure your file is not going to change anymore. Then this file must be saved as one of the mentioned video formats).
▪ The LMS has a file size limit of 200MB. Your video files might easily exceed this, so you may need to upload your videos to YouTube (as unlisted video), and then place the URL of your video on your script, i.e. on the cover sheet or on a new page so follow the instructions in Here* on how to upload your presentation to an unlisted YouTube channel, then submit the URL of your presentation, together with your script (Word document).
Content of the student presentations
So far, students have chosen their own topic: Apple iPhone – Girls Who Code – Space X and Telsa Electric Car
The Senior Leadership of your organisation is interested in embarking on a similar project, and has asked you to identify specific challenges and possible recommendations before starting.
1. What were the key leadership challenges for this project? Helps to give some background as to why these were challenges.
2. How did the project leaders tackle these challenges during different phases of the project’s lifecycle?
3. Based on your analysis of the effectiveness of these actions, what recommendations do you have for future projects with similar challenges?
Make sure you target your presentation to an appropriately senior leadership group.
Carefully read through the marking rubric** for this assessment task, before you start to prepare your presentation:
How to create the narrated PowerPoints:
Tips and tools for collaborating online
Working on a group project online does present some challenges – however, we hope these tools (and tips on how to best use them) will help you.
1. Meetings in Zoom
Zoom is web-conferencing software, free to all La Trobe students, which allows you to meet and discuss in real time. It does mean your team must be online at the same time, so you will need to set up meeting times in advance, and ensure one team member starts the Zoom session (called hosting a meeting) and invites others in, so that you all end up in the same session! You can also record Zoom sessions, and download the recordings, which makes this tool useful when preparing your group presentation to submit:
2. Face-to-Face Meetings
You may also intend to meet physically to see your team progress. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use your members’ email addresses (or mobile numbers if applicable) in the signed contracts to communicate with your members and organise meetings.
3. Using OneDrive to share documents
OneDrive is an online shared drive, free to all La Trobe students, which allows you to share files with your colleagues. You will need one group member to log in and create a folder for your group documents, and then share the link to that folder with fellow group members:
Should you have any other questions or concerns, please direct them to Seyed Khaksar via and CC me in

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