Grant Proposal for EMPLOY Job Training Pilot Program

YOUR PART: Continued Funding and Partners – Explain who the community partners are and how program will continue past this funding request. Is it sustainable? OVERVIEW OF PROPOSAL: The whole entirety of the paper is explained in the Letter of Inquiry which will be provided in the materials/uploads section. You MUST make sure the letter aligns with what you are writing. As a brief overview; – The program is called EMPLOY Job Training Pilot Program – We want $35,000 for the grant – Target audience is: low income residents along the Richmond Highway – Goal: clients maintain current housing or be able to afford more costly housing – Mission: help residents along the Richmond Corridor improve their job opportunities – How were going to do that is by partnering with Core Computers and Britepaths – For the pilot study we want a maximum of 15 participants – Objectives: o training in keyboarding skills o 100 hours of training in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Email o A refurbished low-cost computer for students who need one o Coaching in job-readiness skills and assistance with job placement *More original instructions will be provided in a word document.


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