1.The idea that countries should only focus on what they do best compared to other countries is called what?2.What would likely happen to the value of your labor (how much you can earn on a job) if suddenly there were a lot more people with the same skills as you?3.Using our material as a guide. Compose a reliable public opinion poll question. It can be on any subject — it doesn’t even need to be political…4.What is wrong with the following public opinion poll question:”Yes or no, you support the president’s unfair policies?” (Hint: there are more than one problem with the question.)5.In Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “…we have the wolf by the ear…we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.” the wolf is a metaphor for what?6.Which of the following is a true statement?-Civil liberties and civil rights never come into conflict.-Civil liberties and civil rights deal with different relationships to government.-Civil liberties and civil rights deal with the same exact core values.-All of these answers are correct7.In one of our videos, Dwight D. Eisenhower addresses the nation about what?-The Cold War-Resistance to school integration in Arkansas-The war in Vietnam-Hatred against immigrant communities8.Equality of Economic and social opportunity are encapsulated in what concept?-All of these answers are correct-Homeownership-STEM programs-Government’s response to terrorism9.According to Titus Kaphar…-Art is a powerful tool in shaping history.-None of these answers are correct-Art is only for the rich and powerful.-Art shouldn’t be taken seriously.10.In which case did the Supreme Court find that only white people can be citizens of the United States?-Dred Scott v. Sandford-Plessy v. Ferguson-The Civil Rights Cases-Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas11.In which case did the Supreme Court find that “separate but equal” is constitutional?-Plessy v. Ferguson-Dred Scott v. Sandford-Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas-The Civil Rights Cases12.In which case did the Supreme Court find that “separate but equal” is unconstitutional.-Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas-Dred Scott v. Sandford-The Civil Rights Cases-Plessy v. Ferguson13.In which case did the Supreme Court find that the Missouri Compromise is unconstitutional?-Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas-Dred Scott v. Sandford-Plessy v. Ferguson-The Civil Rights Cases14.Which constitutional amendment established birthright citizenship in the United States?-The 13th-the 15th-the 14th-The 19th15.Which constitutional amendment established the right to vote for African American men ages 21 and older?-The 15th-The 13th-The 14th-The 19th16.Midterm elections are generally seen as a referendum on the President.-True-False17.What is a problem with the single line political spectrum?-It was never properly studied in political journals.-All of these answers are correct-It fails the “Rochenbacher test.”-It fails to capture human complexity18.In the two line political spectrum, what do the lines represent?-All of these answers are correct-Liberal and conservative views-Conservative and less conservative views-Progressive and less progressive views-Economic and social issues19.What happens when interest rates go down?-People to save more money-The government goes bankrupt-People tend to spend more money-All of these answers are correct20.Which institution manages monetary policy?-Congress-The House and Senate-The Federal Reserve Bank-The President21.Monetary policy deals with ___.-None of these answers are correct-Taxation-Managing the economy through the amount of cash in the system-Budgeting22.Fiscal policy deals with ___.-All of these answers are correct-The federal budget-Taxation-Whether the federal government will borrow money23.Exploitable natural resources are part of a country’s ___ sector.-Secondary-Quaternary-None of these answers are correct-Tertiary-Primary24.Crude oil is an example of an exploitable natural resource that would be part of a country’s ____ sector.-None of these answers are correct-Tertiary-Primary-Quaternary-Secondary25.A country’s rational legal system is part of it’s ____ sector.-Primary-None of these answers are correct-Tertiary-Secondary-Quaternary26.A country’s physical infrastructure is part of its ____ sector.-Quaternary-None of these answers are correct-Primary-Tertiary-Secondary27.Raw materials are turned into marketable goods in a country’s ____ sector.-Primary-Secondary-Quaternary-Tertiary-None of these answers are correct28.A country’s universities are part of its ____ sector.-None of these answers are correct-Primary-Quaternary-Tertiary-Secondary29.A country’s research facilities make up part if its ____ sector.-Secondary-Quaternary-Tertiary-Primary-None of these answers are correct30.Lowing tariffs and other “trade barriers” between countries is called what?-Trade marginalization-Trade equalization-None of these answers are correct-Free trade31.Being able to invest in another country’s stock market is called ____.-Free trade-None of these answers are correct-Direct foreign investment-Direct portfolio investment32.If the United States set a limit on the number of cars that could be imported from Germany, this would be an example of a ____.-Trade liberalization-Quota-Tariff-Free trade policy33.The extra cost to borrow money is called ____.-Monetary policy-Taxes-Inversion-Inflation34.The entire sum of money that the federal government owes is called what?-The national debt-A budget deficit-Interest-InflationPolitical Science


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