Governmental Budgeting

States experience budgeting problems just like the Federal Government, the difference is that most states need to establish a balanced budget each year. That is not to imply that the Federal Government should learn a lesson from the states—state government and the Federal Government are different. In your essay address budgetary problems states are facing, and, in some cases, have faced before. The impact of recessions, fiscal problems, and federal aid are all part of how we analyze state budget problems. In your essay, give your opinion of how you look at state budget problems.Notice, that’s a very broad topic so you narrow the focus based on the assigned readings. GUIDELINES FOR THIS ESSAY 1——-Your essay will be a minimum of five pages (typed, double-spaced) 2——-I do want you to discuss the readings, mentioning them in passing is not the same as discussing them. How did a particular reading help you and why? How did another particular reading show you the problems states face and how exactly?Political Science


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