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Welfare policy is a controversial subject, especially in Texas.  It is also a complicated one to understand. I strongly suggest reading Chapter 14 of the Textbook. But i also suggest further exploring the topic until you can form you own opinion, and be able to discuss it, and support it with facts.
Below are a few sources. Peruse the first one and take note. Read at least one of the others and take notes. Use those notes to formulate your opinion on the present and future of Welfare policy in Texas. Makean entry using at least 400 words. Comment on the entries of at least 2 of your peers.
Welfare in Texas:
Welfare and Education:
Welfare and Ethnicity:
Welfare by State:
The Politics of Social Welfare:
Think of the Party policy issues you have been discussing during the semester.
Pick one and attempt the following exercise:

  1. In a sentence or two, define the problem you are trying to solve
  2. In a sentence or two, define the solution you are proposing
  3. See if you can determine which of the agencies would be responsible for implementing the policy.
  4. Go to the State Legislature and look at the areas of Policy that have been funded for the 2020-2021 budget period. Find your policy in one of the areas.
  5. Go to the Texas Office of the Comptroller, responsible for Taxes and other Revenue Sources.  See if you can determine what kind of tax might have funded your policy or if it would have come out of the general fund.
  6. Go to the discussion board and comment on your experience. How hard was it to be specific about the problem and the solution, who should solve it and how to pay for it?
  7. Comment on the posts of at least two of your peers.


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