(For Zeek) Midterm: Communication Improvement Project

*Please follow all instructions carefully** 
This project will take place throughout the first four weeks of the course and starts in week one with the self reflection assignment (THIS IS ATTACHED FOR REFERENCE). After identifying two interpersonal communication behaviors to improve you will start making observations for this midterm. This assignment consists of journaling for the first four weeks and completing the following: 
1. Identify an interpersonal communication behavior that you wish to improve (DETAILED IN THE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT). Gather information about the behavior (3 expert sources) and write a paper that summarizes your research and outlines a specific plan for improving the behavior. 
2. Keep a record of your progress in the form of a journal. Each entry should describe your active efforts to improve your chosen interpersonal skills. Be specific! Include an assessment of how well you accomplished your objectives. Be sure to include successes and non-successes in your journal entries. After the description, suggest reasons why you might have been more or less successful in the situation. These entries will provide the “data” for your final paper.
3. Write a report about your observations and efforts to improve your interpersonal communication behaviors. You will also write a short evaluation of your progress and the project.
4. Use the guidelines below to construct your paper: 
– APA format
– 2 to 3 pages
 – Provide a brief introduction and rationale for the chosen communication behaviors to observe. 
 – Discuss your findings from the three academic sources (not the textbook) found about the observable communication behaviors chosen. Share what research tells us about these chosen behaviors that you observed about yourself over the four weeks. 
 – Share your observations. Provide excerpts from your journaling that shares your successes and failure throughout this project. **PLEASE MAKE UP THE “JOURNAL ENTRIES” FOR THIS PAPER AS I HAVE NOT DONE A JOURNAL*
 – Provide an overview of improvements or if you did not improve your observed interpersonal communication behaviors. 
 – Provide a reflection on the importance of self-reflecting on communication behaviors and lessons learned from this project. Discuss how a Christian perspective about self-reflection on the area of communication behaviors may apply to this project. 
5. Include a copy of your journal from the last four weeks (this can be scanned in as hand written notes OR as a word document, depending on how you recorded your progress). (*Based on what you have written, I will make up my journal entries after you post this answer*)

!!!**Please refer to the screenshot of the rubric for what is expected in this assignment**!!!

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