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Discussion 1 
How important is effective verbal delivery, including good grammar, to your overall evaluation of a speech?

Discussion 2
If you had to give a presentation on American history to a variety of audiences, what would you focus on for each of the following? What would you adjust? What would you want to know about your audience?
Elementary school class
High school history class
College communications class
Group seeking U.S. citizenship

 Discussion 3
Choose a topic that you are interested in.  Pretend that you are preparing it for a general audience of adults.
Would your presentation be to inform, persuade, or entertain?
List five resources you would use and what specific information you would expect to get from each.
Why did you choose those resources?

Discussion 4
 Select a topic for your Informative presentation, then share with the class your General Purpose, Specific Purpose, and Thesis Statement. My topic is child abuse

Discussion 5
Most people don’t realize how much thought needs to go into the introduction and the conclusion.  You will be graded on both of these, so let’s practice.  After reading how to create an attention-getting intro, write one for the topic below:
– Child abuse

I want you to take one of the topics above and practice writing an opening that would grab the audience’s attention.  For example, on the topic about how teens’ brains develop: “Does your teenager act like she’s one taco short of a combo plate?  When you ask why he did something irresponsible, does he say, ‘I dunno.’   You know what?  He’s absolutely right!  He doesn’t know!  Teens brains . . . ”
Do you see what I mean about trying to get the audience’s attention from the very start? To answer this question, do NOT include all the points you want to make in the entire presentation.  Just focus on the first two sentences you would say


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