Food and Nutrition; food quality and safety

There are many external factors that can influence food quality and safety throughout the whole food system from “farm to fork”. Discuss the impact that these external factors (i.e. farming methods; food manufacturing and processing techniques; and food storage, preparation and cooking methods) can have on food quality and safety in Australia. Your discussion should cover all of these key external factors.

This video has part of the outline for the essay stating: 
The primary aim of this essay is to encourage to think critically about how the safety and quality of food can be affected throughout the whole food production system but various external factors. Farming methods, food manufacturing methods, different cooking techniques. Reading those assignment instructions and marking rubric: content, quality of the sources that are used, referring techniques etc. Please ensure screenshots are utilised in regards to what is required for this essay and what references. These are key indicators especially for marking and the screenshots attached have a great outline for topic discussion in a table from my lecturer.

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