focus Group report

hi , this is Dana888  

there is two homework the first one is focus group report and the second one is data analysis i will pay for the first 20$ and for the second one 30$+  but first i want to make sure if have you ever did data analysis for questionnaire ? please let me know as soosn as posible so we could sign the agreement for first one and after you finish it ,we will sign the agreement for the second one


and here is exactly what i need for the first one ;

i already did the focus group  for my questionnaire and this is the link   and plaese see the asttachment that contain the six student  responses and the focus group questions, all what i need is to make a report for those responses  and here is the instructions please read it carfully 


In the best case, a Focus Group Report would consist mainly of the following:

1. Lots of quotes from focus group participants. Quotes should be cleaned up so that they’re easy to read, and excerpted where appropriate. They should be visually distinguished, probably by indenting on both the right and left sides, and using a smaller font. Some kind of identification of the source is helpful, but not a name. 

2. Organize the Report in a way that ties the quotes to shared topics and themes. For example, you might have several quotes about how irritating a long commute is, or how people especially want to be homeowners when they’re raising kids.

3. Text that brings out the common themes in the groups of quotes and explains the context, while relating them to a larger story.

Now, most of you probably aren’t in a position to do this. I didn’t want to demand that everyone make a transcript of the focus groups you conducted, both because it involves somewhat heightened demands on respondents’ tolerance (e.g., people might be willing to talk but reluctant to be recorded) and because transcribing a recording is time consuming and maybe technically challenging (e.g., people might not own smartphones with a recording feature, their batteries might be dead on the night of the focus group… all sorts of technical snafus could happen). Given the short time available for focus groups, I didn’t want to make people do detailed demographics. 

Alternatively, you could just write up a few paragraphs describing your impressions of what people said, mixed with non-verbatim quotes based on your note taking and memory.

The Focus Group Report can become a section in your Final Report. Alternatively, you could use focus group quotes to initiate each section in the paper, or to summarize particular quantitative results. It’s not absolutely imperative to include any focus group material in your Final Report, but it’s certainly preferred.

if i like your work i will let you do the final report and i will pay for the final report 100

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