FINE 150 University of Waterloo Differences Between Greek and Roman Culture Essay

1.The Romans appropriated much of Greek culture. In some areas—like music and philosophy—little was changed. In other areas—like architecture and city planning—Romans made dramatic improvements. In what ways does Roman culture differ from Greek culture? Consider:

a.The concept of citizenship and the duties of the citizen

b.The role of the state

c.The role of the army

d.The literature

e.The sculpture

f.Public and private architecture

g.City planning

2.Read the National Geographic History magazine article on the Pantheon, posted on Blackboard. What is the purpose of this structure, and why is it so important to our understanding of Imperial Roman history? What Roman technological innovations made this structure possible? How did Roman architectural innovations, like those seen in the Pantheon, make large urban cities like Rome possible?

3.Roman art and architecture often symbolized and expressed the authority of the emperor and the power of the Roman state. Consider public art and architecture in the United States—can you think of examples that express the state and government’s power? Discuss how that art/architecture conveys the message.

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