Findings of the inquest into the death of Nola Jean WALKER

You are required to review the findings of the Walker Coronial Inquest. Specifically, you are required to discuss/reflect upon the ethical and legal attributes of the case, using an ethical decision making framework.

You are required to write a 1000 word essay which briefly outlines the facts of case, identifies the ethical and legal issue(s) pertaining to role of the paramedics in the case, and provide a retrospective analysis of the case in an ethical and legal context.

Please read through and follow all of the instructions carefully as you undertake this task.


Task: Case Study (Essay Format)

Length of Essay: 1000 +/- 10% words. Please note that the word count does not include the reference list.

Details of the Task 

1 Introduction

Briefly describe the case.


Main Body

Facts of the case should be identified

The four main ethical principles must be discussed independently in the context of the case, i.e.:

1. Non-maleficence.

2. Beneficence.

3. Autonomy.

4. Justice.

The law should also be considered, describing if and how legal obligations may have affected the case or may have been implemented into the practice of attending paramedics

2 Conclusion

Provide a summary outlining a retrospective analysis of the facts of the case, ethical issues, and legal considerations. You must clearly provide the rationale for your findings.


Referencing that does not follow an acceptable format will have substantial marks deducted.

Internet referencing is only appropriate if the site can be easily accessed and could be considered a current source of reliable material (sites such as are NOT suitable, however sites such as are appropriate).


Sources – Journal Articles and References

Note that you are require to select and use at least EIGHT (8) references in your essay (not including the coronial inquest, which must also be referenced). The may be texts, peer reviewed journal articles or relevant laws (statutes, acts, etc.). Please do not use web references such as Wikipedia. All web based references should be avoided.


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