1. (TCO 1) Jacob has moved into a home with a large acreage and is now finding that his smaller lawnmower is no longer functional. He needs to purchase a riding mower. How would you categorize Jacob’s goal? (Points : 4)

      [removed] Consumable-products goal
      [removed] Durable-products goal
      [removed] Intangible goal
      [removed] Intermediate goal
      [removed] Long-term goal

3. (TCO 1) Which step in the financial planning process is demonstrated by a decision in which Royanne must choose between working additional hours beyond 40 a week to earn money for a European vacation and have money left over versus continuing to work full time with the possibility of not getting any time off to travel? (Points : 4)

      [removed] Determining her current financial situation
      [removed] Developing her financial goals
      [removed] Identifying alternative courses of action
      [removed] Evaluating her alternatives
      [removed] Implementing her financial plan


Question 4. 4. (TCO 1) When retirement contributions made on your behalf where you work fully belong to you even if you leave the company, this is called the point of (Points : 4)

      [removed] networking.
      [removed] vesting.
      [removed] a tax-deferred benefit.
      [removed] a tax-exempt benefit.
      [removed] break even.

8. (TCO 1) An example of _____ is a situation in which you would use a software program to help track your spending each week. (Points : 4)

      [removed] money management
      [removed] an opportunity cost
      [removed] a balance sheet
      [removed] creative accounting
      [removed] electronic analysis

11. (TCO 2) Your bank statement shows a balance of $870. Your checkbook register shows a balance of $362. You earned interest of $5 and had a service charge of $10. There are no outstanding deposits. What is the amount of outstanding checks? (Points : 4)

      [removed] $357
      [removed] $870
      [removed] $513
      [removed] $508
      [removed] $151


Question 12. 12. (TCO 2) A drawback of a money market fund from an investment company is that there is (Points : 4)

      [removed] a penalty if money is withdrawn early.
      [removed] a lower rate of interest if redeemed within the first 5 years.
      [removed] a minimum required holding period.
      [removed] a lack of FDIC insurance.
      [removed] a higher rate of taxation than other alternative investments.


Question 13. 13. (TCO 3) One disadvantage of a store-based gift card is that it (Points : 4)

      [removed] looks nothing like typical debit cards.
      [removed] has decreased in popularity since the mid-1990s.
      [removed] works the same as a credit card.
      [removed] may be eroded by fees and eventually expire.
      [removed] is currently being used for very limited purposes.

18. (TCO 3) You should immediately_____ if you find that you are having difficulty making credit payments. (Points : 4)

      [removed] skip town
      [removed] declare personal bankruptcy
      [removed] borrow from a loan shark to make the payment
      [removed] let the borrower go to a collection agency
      [removed] contact your creditors and try to work out a modified payment plan with them


Question 19. 19. (TCO 5) All of the following statements are false but which? (Points : 4)

      [removed] When establishing an investment program, you should begin by monitoring your investments.
      [removed] When you are choosing an investment, you should examine only the interest rate risk factor associated with each investment.
      [removed] When establishing an investment program, you should examine the potential return offered by different investment alternatives.
      [removed] Leave the financial planning to the professionals.
      [removed] There is no need to monitor your investments after you have made your investment decision.

21. (TCO 5) If a corporation is facing a cash shortfall, _____ would be paid first. (Points : 4)

      [removed] dividends to common stock owners
      [removed] cash to buy shares of stock from shareholders
      [removed] cash to buy bonds from current bondholders
      [removed] interest to bond owners
      [removed] dividends to preferred stock owners


Question 22. 22. (TCO 5) _____ involves the analysis of charts and historical data in order to make stock purchasing decisions. (Points : 4)

      [removed] Fundamental
      [removed] Technical
      [removed] Efficient market
      [removed] Chart
      [removed] Plot

28. (TCO 3) Lori Walker purchased a new car 9 months ago, and decides to take it in for servicing under the warranty. Lori is involved in which step of the purchasing process? (Points : 4)

      [removed] Problem identification
      [removed] Information gathering
      [removed] Evaluating alternatives
      [removed] Determining the purchase price
      [removed] Postpurchase activities

30. (TCO 3) A motor vehicle has annual depreciation of $2,500, oil changes cost $230, automobile insurance costs $550, and license plates cost $125. What is the annual amount of the total fixed operating cost for this vehicle? (Points : 4)

      [removed] $3,405
      [removed] $2,625
      [removed] $2,500
      [removed] $3,050
      [removed] $3,175


Question 31. 31. (TCO 3) The _____ is considered to be the appraised value of your home. (Points : 4)

      [removed] value used to calculate property taxes
      [removed] estimated current market value
      [removed] price you paid to purchase the home
      [removed] amount of money a buyer has offered to purchase the home
      [removed] cost remaining after the down payment


Question 32. 32. (TCO 4) Your home insurance policy has a $500 deductible. If a windstorm causes $2,500 of damage to your home, what amount of the claim would the insurance company pay? (Points : 4)

      [removed] $2,000
      [removed] $1,000
      [removed] $1,500
      [removed] $500
      [removed] $2,500


Question 33. 33. (TCO 4) John Brown owns a home in Oakland, California and because of the risk of earthquakes, he decides to purchase _____ to cover potential losses. (Points : 4)

      [removed] building and other structures
      [removed] additional living expenses
      [removed] personal property
      [removed] personal liability
      [removed] specialized coverage

39. (TCO 6) Tracey Patterson would need to purchase a(n) _____ if she desires federally tax-exempt income. (Points : 4)

      [removed] junk bond fund
      [removed] intermediate corporate bond fund
      [removed] municipal bond fund
      [removed] short-term government bond
      [removed] world bond fund


Question 40. 40. (TCO 6) A benefit associated with an investment in a real estate limited partnership is that the investor (Points : 4)

      [removed] does not have to worry about capital gains tax.
      [removed] does not have to pay federal income tax.
      [removed] does not have to pay state income tax.
      [removed] can invest in a shopping center or large building by investing as little as $5,000.
      [removed] faces an investment that is very liquid.


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