Federalist/Antifederalist Discussion

Based on your readings in the text, especially in chapter two, you should have noted the arguments between the Federalists and the anti-Federalists in relation to the ratification of the Constitution.  Some of the general arguments and beliefs of the two sides are summarised in the chart attached below.  Please post your responses to this chart.Please state whether you find the arguments and beliefs of one side to be more persuasive than the other, and why.  Please try to elaborate and use examples to make your point clear.The length should be more than 250 words. You should be able to summarize your initial thoughts in a few paragraphs.  Feel free to use examples to make a point.  We have no shortage in recent news, or you can draw on other areas to illustrate your point. There is no right answer. What I am looking for is simply your own evaluations of the two positions.Political Science


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