family law;John and Amy

Cara is the only daughter of John and Amy. Cara was born in 2001. Amy is a lawyer and John is a musician, who finds work as and when he can. Amy was unable to cope with John’s laid back lifestyle so they divorced when Cara was very young. John travels the world playing his guitar.

Amy has always been determined that her daughter should marry a sensible young man and not someone like her father, so when Cara brought home Joe, a new boyfriend who she had met when he was busking on the street, Amy was horrified.

Amy’s solution to this situation was to insist that Cara marry Ben, Cara’s cousin, who is training to be a solicitor. Amy threatened to throw Cara out of their home if she did not marry Ben and would leave her penniless. Cara was scared, particularly as she had just discovered that she was pregnant with Joe’s baby and so she married Ben in the local Register Office. The Registrar had misread his watch and the ceremony took place at 7.00p.m. 

After the ceremony on the way to reception Cara and Ben were involved in a car crash and the injury Ben sustained has left him impotent. Cara and Ben are not happy in their marriage.

Advise Cara and Ben about whether their marriage can be annulled. 
Please link this back to the files attached. 
Please include footnotes and a bibliography in accordance with the OSCOLA refrencing guide. Also add both primary and secondary sources.

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