Family history paper

Family history paper Description Your task is to ask whether your interviewees’ experiences illustrate or contradict the sociological generalizations presented in the lectures and readings. You will need to use the handouts I attached to make 20 connections between the family members you “interviewed” to talk about this childhood, role in the family, marriage, ext. The most fundamental thing I am looking for in this paper is how many course concepts you bring up and how well you relate them to your interview material. I expect to see sentences like: “As we learned in class, people in the 1950s and 1960s married relatively young, and my grandparents were no exception, since they married when she was 18 and he was 20.” Here’s another of the type of sentence I’d like to see: “According to the “Bridal Wave” reading, the bridal industry has created the image of the perfect wedding as being about consumerism. My interview with my mother showed that when she married in 1985, consumerism was not important to her and the total cost of her wedding was only about $300.” In both those cases, you could then go on to give more details from your family’s personal history, which will make the paper interesting for both of us. In your hurry to get to the facts about your family, though, don’t skip the link to course content. In other words, don’t tell a family story without linking it to course content. The story from your family is an illustration of exactly which point from class? (Your citation to the point from class can be as simple as “As we learned in class, . . .” or “As the Week 12 handout described, . . .”) You may find that that your family story does not correspond to what the course leads you to expect. That’s fine. If what you find seems to contradict course generalizations, speculate on why that might be so. Paper can go up to 10 pages (no longer) if you need to go beyond the 6-8 page requirement. Make sure your paper has a short introduction and a short conclusion. Papers should be double spaced, with page numbers, one-inch margins, and no extra spacing between sections. Be sure to include a title, your name, and the date. Use headings to separate sections. Use topic sentences. What that means is you deliver your “punchline” as the first sentence in a paragraph. Don’t meander up to your main point and deliver it in the final sentence. Start with it. Use the first person As for appropriate sources, you will not be giving formal citations, and you do not need a reference page. It is appropriate to refer to course material informally (e.g., In the “Betwixt and Between” reading about middle-school children. . . or In lecture, Dr. Pat said.. .). Please use the attached handouts week 2-9 to help come up with connections on the family members you talked about. I have included a example of how it should look like and how you need to make the connections. Also have attached the full detail instructions


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