External & Internal Assessment

An environmental scan seeks to ensure your original pitch is viable Please refer to PowerPoint, External and internal assessment tools are utilized your to ensure strategic initiative is viable. You may find after completing your environmental scan your strategic initiative idea will change. The environmental scan helps you develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which will help focus the application of limited resources to produce above-average returns. During your scan, address the following:

Internal: Identify your strategic initiative using various internal assessment tools to evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in functional areas of business which include

• Management
• Marketing
• Finance
• Accounting
• Productions/operations
• Research and development
• Management information systems

External: Identify your strategic initiative using various external assessment tools to evaluate outside trends and events outside the control of the organization, and the industry.

Create a seven PowerPoint presentation that shows the results of your environmental scan. Include the following:

• Identify what you found in your environmental scan.

o What did you learn about the industry?
o What did you learn about your organization?
• Include the external and internal assessment tools you used at the end of your presentation as an appendix.
o How did you apply the results of your internal and external assessment tools in your decision making process.
• Describe what you learned during the process including key issues that will be reviewed going forward.
o How does this challenge or support your original vision/concept?
o What is emerging from your learning?
• Outline the preliminary strategic initiative plan.
o How have you considered the selected organizations culture within the context of implementing your strategic initiative plan?

Provide three to five sources in your presentation.

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