Explain Expectations About Own Work Role as Expressed

In my role l am expected to support the teacher, to be reliable and build a good relationship with the children, encouraging them to the best of there ability in their learning, to assist their growth in knowledge and assist in enhancing their development, so they can grow holistically. To be aware of any weak areas that I come across whilst working with the children, for example a child that may need extra support within their numeracy, literacy or phonics time. I am also expected to deal, to the best of my ability, with challenging aggressive, rude or traumatised children.
Whilst I may need to do this at times I am also aware that the class teacher is there for support. I have had to deal with bad language used by a pupil when dealing with the child I explained that the words used where not words that should be used. I found out why the pupil had said those words and asked what words we could use instead. As well as working with my own class teacher I can be asked at times to go and support another teacher in another class. I am expected to adapt very quickly to the other class and to the lesson there having.
My role also means that I will support the children so they are confident in there journey though the school. It is important that I conduct myself in the correct manner within the school as children will often mirror others actions. I remain professional at all times and act appropriately. Any ideas or suggestions that I have with regards to anything that could contribute to the smooth running of the class, is always welcomed, and l have done this on occasion. When l take the children out for there guided reading session, if l notice a pupil that is finding there book easy I am able to move them up a level.
If l do this for a pupil l note there name and the colour group l have moved them to so the class teacher can then check the level is suitable for them. With regards to dress code I feel that I should dress smart/casual and by doing this I feel my standard of work benefits. I am also representing the school and I feel (also as a parent of a child in the school) that it is important for other parents/carers to see the staff whatever your role looking smart and well presented. This has also made me approachable to parents and they come to me as well as the class teacher.

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