Evaluate physical activity experiences to devise strategies for lifelong well-being

EssayTopic & Brief:


Evaluate physical activity experiences to devise strategies for lifelong well-being


Evaluate your past & present physical activity experiences, consider your future physical activity needs, & devise strategies for lifelong well-being.

Assessed on the depth of your critical evaluation, the extent to which you question & challenge assumptions about the relationship between your experiences; & the potential impact of those experiences on life-long well-being; & the coherence/insight of your judgements.


Be critical: state, explain, discuss & evaluate. Use research, & examples.

Must include Hauora: Maori physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual wellbeing

Written from the perspective of mature 18 year old New Zealand white male (Irish heritage), fit, muscled & able, naturally very good at all sports – see Participation and Influences table for his physical activities at various ages to use as the examples in the essay.


Suggested base framework for essay


1.    Introduction


2.    Role & Importance of physical activity in NZ society

Physical activity & NZ society

Research relating to physical needs of young people

Diversification of physical activity

Sporting subcultures

Well-being & health

Hauora: Maori philosophy of well-being unique to NZ

Values & beliefs

Impact of physical activity on well-being: positive/negative

Sociocultural influences on physical activity


3.    Personal & Interpersonal influences on physical activity

Personal influences

Interpersonal influences


4.    Societal influences on physical activity

Societal influences

Global influences

Economic factors that affect participation in physical activity

Affect of the physical environment

Media influence


5.    Barriers & Enablers to participation in physical activity

Barriers – lack time/energy, encouragement/support

STRATEGIES TO ENCOURAGE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – strategy & purpose Enablers – experience in physical activity, social support, motivational aids


6.    Conclusion


7.    References (at least 10)



Participation and Influences Timeline


Explain your own Hauora (The Hauora is a Māori philosophy of health and well-being unique to New Zealand) and what it means to you in each of the 4 wellbeing areas: physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual.

                                                                                                    Barriers &

Age Group:         Physical Activities:          Influences:          Enablers:      Assumptions:

5 – 10 Years

-lunchtime games at school e.g. ball-rush, tag

-national swimmer


-hip hop dancing


-horse riding









10 – 16 Years



-national swimmer


-hip hop dancing


-horse riding

-cross country training









16 + Years


-mountain biking/leisure biking

-national swimmer




-friends/personal interest













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