evaluate a faulty informational brochure or newsletter by applying unit concepts such as audience analysis,

A Project proposal has been done already to assist in writing this. Think-aloud protocol and Interviews have already been conducted.

– To evaluate a faulty informational brochure or newsletter by applying unit concepts such as audience analysis,
rhetoric, culture, language, Plain English, layout, design, usability and visual ethics.
– To apply the basic principles of audience analysis, background research and report layout and design to produce
a professional, readable and functional report.
– To write clearly and professionally, with attention to the editing of spelling, grammar and format to ensure the written document is free of errors and is successful in its purpose.
– To write collaboratively as a team mirroring professional practices and standards.

Part 2: Final Document Evaluation Report
– Using long report format, you will formally write up the evaluation process of your chosen document. You
should write the report as if you were a consultant and it should be addressed to your tutor as if they were the
commissioning agent.
– Use broad section headings to organise your report.
– Use decimal numbering of sections and sub sections for example: 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 etc.
– Include a Table of Contents
– Include a Method section where describe the audience evaluation method(s) that you have used to test
your document. Such methods must include one or more of the following:
1. A brief survey of document users
2. Interviews, focus groups
3. Needs analysis
4. Rhetorical analysis
5. Usability testing
6. Protocol methods, or
7. Evaluations involving language, culture, Plain Language, or ethical considerations.
– Include a Discussion/Findings section where you both describe the results of your audience tests and discuss
your own analysis and evaluation (including by using tables, graphs and text extracts in support your critique)
– Include a Conclusion/Recommendation section where you make suggestions (in point form) for how the
document could be edited to improve its effectiveness.



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