European Union Law 2 Autumn Assignment – 2017

The Government of Greece has been concerned with the use of e-cigarettes. Therefore it has introduced a ban on the use of them in all government buildings. However, the use of e-cigarettes in other buildings has not been included in the ban. Yet, the government in an open statement advise owners of public and private buildings as well as occupiers to introduce their own ban. After this ban, the use of e-cigarettes has been significantly reduced. 90% of e-cigarettes are imported, the rest is manufactured in Greece. The largest importer FresaCo has complained to the government on the grounds that the ban infringes the free movement of goods. Apart from the ban, the Greek Government introduced the following:
– (A) Label on e-cigarettes has to be written in Greek. 
– (B) Export on e-cigarettes are banned unless they are certified by the Greek National Organisation for Healthcare Services. 

You are asked to comment on these potential restrictions introduced by the Greek Government which may come under EU law provisions on the free movement of goods.

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